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Our site in English  Notre site en francais





Our Story

With agriculture in Stéphane's blood and Kate having spent her pre-baby working life in marketing and tourism in the UK, the opportunity to purchase La Vieille Abbaye in November 2004 was mutual dream-life potential that we just couldn't miss.

Buying the rambling old house, untouched for several generations and ripe for renovation and a farm which needed bringing into the modern world, was a challenge which excited us and meant that we could both run individual businesses whilst raising a family of our own.

Stéphane set about the huge task of improving and developing the dairy farm and Kate began a seemingly endless round of meetings with architects and artisans, whilst focusing their attentions on daughters, Tilly, then aged 3 and Lulu, born in 2005.

In January 2006, physical work began on creating our vision - a stylish, spacious home in beautiful, well-managed rural surroundings, which eventually visitors would be able to share with us.

In July 2008, after months of blood, sweat and tears, and with new baby Freddy making our family complete,  we welcomed our first clients to the dream.

Kate & Stéphane

Tilly, Freddy, Lulu

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